Video Laryngoscope UET-A series

UET-A series have full cover, disposable blades. The infection control goal does not compromise with a low cost. A specialist in airway management in the face of infecting diseases and emergency.

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Key Benefits

Designed by Anesthesiologist

By renowed anesthesiologists to meet the needs of 21st century airway management. Choices of various blades and configurations to provide optimal view angles for the vocal cords.

Simple &

Lightweight, portable, cordless with a worry-free long-lasting rechargeable battery. No mounting pole or dangling cables. Simple to carry, easy to learn, easy to use.

Always Ready for Difficult Airways

Our signature angulated blades are always ready for unexpected difficult airways. Low-profile footprint leaves more room for a straight-forward intubation.

Affordable &
Cost Saving

Cut your videolaryngoscopy equipment expense and running cost significantly. We make videolaryngoscopy practically accessible to all healthcare providers.


Monitor can be both vertical tilted and horizontal rotated so you choose perfect viewing angle, which is especially beneficial for intubation in a confined space.

for EMS

First responders can choose the auto-recording mode so they can cross one item off their checklist. Also extremely helpful for group learning and quality assurance.

Video Specification

Monitor Display Vision angle Resolution Angle of View Depth of field Rotation(Disp.)
UED-M3-S 3 ″ TFD 60º 720 × 480 px 60º 5 - 100mm >0-110° tilt, 0-270°

Video Stylet Models

Model Blade Sheath Patient Age Patient Weight
UET-A0 0# Newborn 2.7~3.8KG
UET-A3 3# 6 ~ adult above 23.6KG

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During this pandemic every patients, especially those infected with COVID-19, should be intubated using video lanryngoscopes. Dig in to find out how UE technology makes your next videolaryngoscopy simple and straight-forward. Let us help you standarize your airway management practice in a cost-effective way.

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