Flexible Videoscope

모든 advantageous design이 결합된 flexible videoscope은 difficult & emergent airway 상황에서 진단 및 치료가 동시에 가능하여 “모든 airway의 specialist”입니다.

Flexible VdeoScope

Key Benefits


Inherited the tradition of UESCOPE series product, refined, high quality, easy to use, to ensure the highest cost-effectiveness, promote the popularity of difficult airway treatment of gold standard tools.

Simple & Clear Image

Intelligent all-digital imaging technology, 3.0" imported high-definition display, clear image of airway structure can help doctors cope with various difficult airway intubation events.

High Compatibility

Easy to operate man-machine interface, real time camera and video, data access, to facilitate clinical use.

Convenient &

Monitor and handle parts can be taken apart, suitable for conventional disinfection process (except high temperature, high pressure disinfection).

Photograph Video
suction, Drug Delivery

Suction hole can ve connected to negative pressure, easy to implement suction of airway secreions. Dosing hole can be connected to syringes for clinical administration.

Full Range

More convenient for clinical use with human-machine interface and fuctions of real-time photograph, video, data access.

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Flexible Videoscope demo

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Flexible Videoscope Specification

Display Rotation angle Vision angle Weight Memory Charging Discharging
3.0 ″ LCD 앞뒤좌우 0~180° 90° 233g 8G 4hrs >3hr

Flexible Videoscope Model Spec.

Model External
TIC-SD-I 2.8mm 600 ± 25mm 130°
Up & Down
x · Inspection
· Pediatric airway management
· Check the placement of DLT
· Check the placement of
  endobronchial blocker
TIC-I1 3.8mm x
TIC-SD-III 4.7mm 1.3mm 70KPa
150ml/min · Check the placement of DLT
· Tracheal intubation
· Endotracheal drug administration
TIC-I3 5.2mm 2.2mm > 350ml/min · Sputum suction
· BAL procedures
· Remove foreign body
· Lung tissue sampling
TIC-I4 5.5mm 2.4mm 400ml/min

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During this pandemic every patients, especially those infected with COVID-19, should be intubated using video lanryngoscopes. Dig in to find out how UE technology makes your next videolaryngoscopy simple and straight-forward. Let us help you standarize your airway management practice in a cost-effective way.

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